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Business owners need to protect their investment !

For most business owners the largest investment they have is their business and that is why they need to put a chain link fence to protect it . What would you think would make up that chain link fence ? Here are some of these items : Power of Attorney , Personal Will , Business Will , Solid relationship with bank , Shareholder agreement when there are more then one shareholders , various life insurance coverages , good general insurance liability plan , Holding Company and Trusts to name a few . Sounds complicated ? It is not complicated one exercise can take care of all these things and more a Estate Plan . You say you are not rich enough and do not need one , WRONG . You do not want to face the fact that you may get sick/disabled or die , NOT WISE . Many people do not want to risk opening a can of warms in dealing with family dynamics so they avoid the discussion all together which is DANGEROUS .Working as Advanced Family Enterprise Advisers we get to assist people deal with issues they sometimes buried for many years in a dark corner . Estate Planning gives you a piece of mind knowing you have left nothing to chance and in life as well as death you had your plan followed !




Professional advice is worth the time and money you invest !

Internet is a wonderful tool and a valuable resource when you know what you are looking for . Some people believe that all you have to do is go on to internet and you can do things like incorporate , chose proper investments , chose proper insurance coverage and yes do your own accounting . I am amazed how intelligent people do stupid things like thinking they can become experts from reading something on the web . I recently had an opportunity to work with a engineers who just did not appreciate good legal and accounting advice and I informed him to go elsewhere for insurance planning advice . Price is not everything , to get good legal and accounting advice is worth the fee that a reasonable professional charges . I believe I being informed and we work with10 leading life insurers to get best value for clients but if they do not trust that we are busting our backs to get the best value I do not want a relationship with them. Buying products that do not fit your situation is like throwing your money into a fire !


Estate Planning and Life Insurance Planning

How many times have you considered to complete an Estate Plan but for one reason or another you failed to even begin the process ? Why ? You may want to find a professional advisor like TK Financial to champion the cause and guide the process . Maybe you do not want to save tax dollars while you are alive ? Maybe you do  like having sleepless nights ? Maybe you do not want to take time to have your wishes followed in life and death ? Maybe you want to see your business fail and employees lose their jobs when you are sick or die ? Maybe you like to see your family fight and relationships fall apart ?Refuse to complete a Estate Plan and any or all these situations mentioned will be a reality ! The statement ” if you fail to plan you plan to fail ” hold true with Estate Planning .


Roger Greenberg get’s to do what he wants because of completing a Estate Plan

This morning there is a article about Roger Greenberg and Minto corporation which speaks volumes about why you should complete a Estate Plan . I know Roger and his family have gone through great lengths to get the plan completed as their situation is complex and unique . Roger has spoken about the process at  CAFE meeting I attended and I was impressed with his insights as well as vision as to how to create a family friendly plan . We are encouraging people to complete an Estate Plan and I know it is a grind at times to get people to look at their situation , engage in the plan and realize this service is a must for proper orderly organization . What about you ? You do not need to be as wealthy as Greenberg family to complete a paln as you too are unique . Come to see us and we will see if there is a fit for us to work together and we will demonstrate why we have the organization you should engage with ! We supply the coffee or tea ! ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND PALN FOR A POSITIVE RESULT .