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Disability insurance claims are a interesting play !

We are totally involved with our clients at time of claim  and it is always a exercise that takes many hours to come to where a cheque is delivered . Yes we are different from most others who let the insurer dictate to the insured how claims gets handled or mishandled  .While speaking with a insurance litigator client of ours last month ,  we received a request to work with their firm on a bilable basis in helping their clients get their claims paid which to us was another confirmation that that we are valued beyond simply placing a product in someones hands  . This firm has seen our work on a close up basis when we were involved in a disability as well as critical illness claim where we were able to show our real value to our client . Life insurance business is a personal one and we owe it to our client to be there when they need us the most .


Are all insurance companies the same when assessing risk ?

We represent 10 leading insurers and often we work with a number of them at the same time to secure optimal premium for clients that have a impaired risk . This can be done effectively on certain size of files however much more difficult on very large face value contracts . Insurers  have a number of times give us different offers on the same applicant eg. Insurer A : do not want to insure the person , Insurer B: will insure with a 100 percent EXTRA premium , Insurer C : standard offer with no extra premium .  We work with reinsurance specialist to present each client to the various insurers that we work with  . Underwriting your application is not a exact sience so insurers sometimes assess risk in a different way based on their own criteria . Working with a independent advisor like TK Financial Group gives you the best opportunity to obtain a offer of insurance at most compeatative rate .


The new web is here !

We at TK Financial Gropup pride ourselves on providing our clients with a unique Estate and Insurance Planning experience . We also provide you with investment solution from internal specialists and external ones when required to meet a unique need .We have created our new web so that you can get the feel of who we are and what we are about . I urge you to go in and experience the web for yourself . When it comes to planning , we continue to work hard to earn your trust by providing you with advice which will stand the test of time . Our objective is to help you , your family and your business with inovative tax efficient solutions .


How do you like making CRA your beneficiary on death ?

Just this week I learned of a family that had to pay 2.5 million dollars on death of their mother . This scenario happens all too often because people refuse to engage and complete a estate plan . So you bought a life insurance policy and may even have a will but that is not a estate plan . Having no estate plan is a form of a plan , you will leave CRA a lot of money which your family will not be able to enjoy . We work with family business advising and creating teams to provide unified service to meet our client’s estate planning solutions.  Chose who you want to inherit your estate .