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Long Term Care Insurance is it worth it ?

You may have not heard of Long Term Care insurance and this can be due to a number of reasons . The insurance industry does a terriblejob promoting this product as well most of the insurers do not offer this coverage . So why bother with this coverage ? What if you were in an accident and needed long term care do you have enough money to pay for care ? Let’s assume you are about to retire and your investment adviserhas created a nice spreadsheet showing you you will have enough money to enjoy a comfortable retirement . What happens if you get a illness and need long term care ? Throw out your spreadsheet as now it is a not so good reality . Unfortunately investment advisers are missing this need as they are often focused on managing as much money as they can and see long term care insurance premiums being better¬†use inside their investment portfolio so long term care is not looked at ¬†. We are risk management specialist and we make sure you do not run out of money !