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December 1, 2012

” Grandchildren sue over multimillion-dollar estate “

One of Ottawa’s famed developer’s family is in court fighting over an estate and you can be sure this will break up family relationships which is very unfortunate . I am sure Mr. Tomas C . Assaly  would have never imagined when he was alive that his family would get into this kind of a situation . Mrs . Assaly was quoted in The Ottawa Citizen saying ” I really have no interest in discussing it and making it public . We’re very private people ”  .  Unfortunately , cows have left the enclosure as gate is open . Estate Planning is much more then counting your dollars or having a computer program telling you that there is a need for more  more RRSP’s or life insurance . Estate Planning is much more then accounting , legal , investments , insurance and banking . Family business do not survive in this country most of the time past a second generation in my opinion due to lack of a proper estate plan which encompasses many aspects . Why do people avoid Estate Planning ? They think they are not rich enough , they do not want to face morbidity or mortality , they do not want to deal with uncomfortable family discussions about estate planning and they do not know who to work with . Advanced Family Planning advisors are out there but you need to do your homework as a brand new financial advisor presents himself or herself as a Estate Planner .. We at TK Financial provide Estate Planning service to professionals as well as family businesses . Make sure your family does not end up in court , in newspaper or overpay taxes because you are negligent with your planning !

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