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About Milan



When people speak of Milan they refer to his integrity, knowledge, professionalism and genuine caring.


He is a graduate of University of Ottawa, where he also was a member of the GG’s football team. Milan was drafted by Winnipeg Blue Bombers and spent several years in the Canadian Football League.

Over 30 years ago, he decided to pursue a career in the financial services industry by joining one of the major insurers. He opened his own firm after five years in the business and focused on providing Life Insurance and Estate Planning services to self-employed, professional as well as corporate clientele.

He creates solutions to minimize your taxes, increase your wealth and organize your insurance coverage without leaving anything to chance.

He holds a number of professional designations, Trust and Estate Practitioner, Certified Health Insurance Specialist, Registered Health Underwriter and Registered Critical Insurance Specialist, he is also a member of Canada Company.

Numerous accounting and legal firms utilize Milan’s expertise to assist them in the planning of their client’s Estates and customize insurance solutions. His clients refer to him as a valuable member of their professional advisory team. He is trained as a Family Business Advisor and has assisted many families over the last thirty years.

Milan has three children which keep him grounded and young at heart. He has coached soccer and football at community, provincial and university level.

He is a regular contributor to numerous charities and is a board member at the Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation. Milan has created an extensive network, and people that know him speak of him as a “go to” guy when they need to meet people, need services or simply obtain business advice.

He enjoys reading, sports and is working to perfect his golf swing. Being average is not something Milan would accept for himself or his team.